Set past hurts, regrets, bitterness, and disappointments on fire.

The journey into our best future always passes through the furnace.

The fire both forges us to who we must become and frees us to live the life for which we were created.

In the mess of things, art comes alive

“In the mess of things, art comes alive” caption and photo by Derrick Ian Lim

My life is in a bloody mess today. Life before was as if I’m at the beach. Enjoying the cool salty breeze and the wave’s gushing sound while I build a sand castle. Beside me are fresh coconut juice and a portable…

It’s our simple way to say thanks.

Joab was born a month earlier than his due date. He didn’t have enough sucking power to extract milk from Lalaine, hence feeding was a concern. We would opt to pumping, but the hospital doesn’t allow breast pumps and bottles in their premises.


Husband. Dad. Businessman. Volunteer. Aspiring Writer.

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